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We are the oldest Slovak asset management company and we have been providing financial services in Central European countries since 1991. As a part of our European operations, we manage assets in Slovakia and Czech Republic

with a total value of more than 1 224 453 677 EUR.


We have built a portfolio of strong products with different investment strategies. Thanks to which we are able to offer optimum appreciation of investments for all types of clients and fullfil their investment goals.

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Our portfolio of 14 open-end mutual funds offers bond, mixed and equity mutual funds or special real estate funds: Prvý realitný fond or Korunový realitný fond. Clients may choose one or more investment strategies depending on the expected return on investment, market risk rate that they are willing to bear and liquidity (how fast assets can be converted to cash).

Mutual Funds

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Our saving schemes are designed primarily for clients who wish to have a financial reserve, save regularly and take advantage of regular investments. Our saving schemes offer high variability and flexibility. The saving period ranges from 5 to 20 years and clients can choose the deposit amount.

Saving Schemes

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Asset Management

Individual asset management leverages our long-term experience with the management of open-end mutual fund portfolios. We will create an individual portfolio for you as a private client in line with your expectations and help you select an investment strategy. We are always looking for good investment opportunities to optimise appreciation of your assets.

Individual Asset Management



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